A Aidex Continuous Glucose Monitoring device with AI on the screen. Brand: beehive2u.
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An Aidex Starter Kit featuring a white and purple box with text by beehive2u.
A white and purple box with text on it, perfect for the beehive2u Continuous Glucose Monitoring Starter Kit.
An Aidex-powered starter kit for continuous glucose monitoring, featuring a vibrant purple background and clean white text by beehive2u.
An Aidex, an AI-driven diagram of a person's body with Continuous Glucose Monitoring technology integrated.
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Instructions for a beehive2u Aidex Continuous Glucose Monitoring device.
A step by step instructions for a beehive2u Continuous Glucose Monitoring device.
An Aidex holding a small white object while using a beehive2u Continuous Glucose Monitoring starter kit.
A beehive2u Starter Kit featuring a group of Aidex smart phones and a Aidex smart watch for AI-driven continuous glucose monitoring.


Continuous Glucose Monitoring

AiDEX's goal is to make checking sugar levels easy and sure. This way, people with diabetes can know their sugar numbers clearly and trust that the info is right and up-to-date.

100% Genuine Registered Product with Medical Device Authority MDA Registration No: GC4155922-102489

Beware of unauthorised reseller!!!

Comes with Warranty and After Sales Service

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*** Starter kit consists of one transmitter and one sensor


Starter Kit



A simple-to-use system for checking your blood sugar on the move, with or without a finger stick, and no scanning needed.


Expertly Designed

Made by health and tech pros, this blood sugar tester is easy to use, tiny, unnoticeable, and feels good to wear.


Highest-quality Build

The app is easy to use and the sending device is made to be strong and long-lasting. Plus, you can wear it in water, so swimming, working out, and showering are no problem.


Clinically Proven

Helps people with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes lower their HBA1c levels and makes their Time In Range better.

Our Mission

AiDEX's goal is to make it easy to know your blood sugar levels. It gives people with diabetes clear and trustworthy information about how their sugar is doing over time.

Streamlined Monitoring

Take the tool for placing the sensor out of its box. Next, use a clean alcohol wipe to clean the spot where the sensor will go on your skin. After that, put the tool on your skin and push its button to put the sensor in. At the same time, place the signal sender into its holder and gently rub near the sticky area three times.

To make sure it's working right, check that the latch is touching your skin before pushing on the other part. Don't worry, it's okay to swim or shower with it on.

When that's all done, open the app on your phone and link it with the signal sender. Wait for the 1-hour setup time to finish. Now, you're ready to keep track of your sugar levels by yourself.

10 days real-Time CGM

GlucoRx AIDEX CGM constantly measures and records your glucose levels every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day!

No Calibration
Improved glycaemic control
Real Time Alerts
Readings every 5 minutes

How Does AiDEX Work?

The AiDEX app and sensor work together to make it easy to keep an eye on your blood sugar levels. Just push a button and you're all set. The sensor is placed under your skin and checks your sugar levels every 5 minutes, day and night. You can even set up alerts on your phone to warn you if your sugar gets too high or too low. The app lets you see your sugar levels clearly and helps you share this info with your doctor for better care.

Working Principle

Discover your sugar levels and take control of your diabetes with Aidex.
Share your sugar readings with important people in your life. Say goodbye
to finger!*

Watch now

Simple Setup in 3 Steps


item Subcomponent
Transmitter Sensor PDA
Model number G7-T01
Operating temperature 5-40 C(41-104 F)
Operating humidity 10 -93% (non-condensing)
Storage &
transportation temperature
-20-60 C
(-4-140 F)
4-30 C
(39.2-86 F)
-20-60 C
(-4-140 F)
Storage& transportation humidity 5-95%(non-condensing)
Storage& transportation pressure 700-1060hpa
Ingress protection level IPX7 IPXO
Use life up to 4 Years G7-S01:14 days
G7-S01A:10 days
4 Years
Detection range 36-450 mg/L(2-25mmoVL)

Advantages of AiDEXTM CGM System


Understanding Glucose Trend

A visual representation displayed on the CGM screen illustrates the rate at which your blood sugar levels are either increasing and decreasing.


Minimizes Extreme BG events

Hypo & Hyperglycemia reduction


Minimizes Influence on Time In Range

Find the best method to achieve your ideal sugar level.


Reduces HbA1C

Easy-to-understand info can help lower your A1c levels.

Working Principle

The small sensor goes just under your skin with the help of a special tool. A sticky patch keeps the sensor in place on your skin. For two weeks, the sensor can check sugar levels in the fluid between your cells.

A device links to the sensor. This device gathers info and sends it all to a handheld gadget or an app on your phone

Understanding how what you eat and how much you move impacts your sugar levels.

Smaller than a coin and hidden under your clothes, no one will know you have diabetes.

Water-resistant, you can wear it while swimming or taking a shower.

What Customers Have to Say

I can't emphasize enough how AiDEX has changed my life. Being a busy mom, I used to struggle with keeping track of my glucose levels. The AiDEX system is so user-friendly; it's like having a personal healthcare assistant with me all the time. The no-fingerprick feature is a game-changer; it's like moving from a flip phone to a smartphone. Plus, sharing my readings with my doctor has streamlined my check-ups. I couldn't be more grateful.

- Sarah, 45, Type 1 Diabetic

Finally, a device that understands the needs of someone with an active lifestyle. AiDEX is a remarkable mix of technology and convenience. The durable and water-resistant build allows me to carry on with my outdoor activities without any worries. Think of it as your fitness tracker, but specifically designed for glucose monitoring. It’s changed how I manage my diabetes and ultimately, how I live my life.

- Mike, 30, Type 2 Diabetic

As someone who is pre-diabetic, AiDEX has been a huge relief for me. The real-time alerts are like a guardian angel watching over me. It's so effortless that I sometimes forget I'm wearing it. My whole family has a peace of mind now. If you’re struggling with managing your glucose levels, think of AiDEX as your ever-alert co-pilot.

- Emily, 60, Pre-Diabetic

I've tried multiple CGMs, and AiDEX stands out for its simplicity and accuracy. The mobile app is intuitive, making it easy for even the least tech-savvy people like me to navigate. It's like having a GPS for your health that guides you every step of the way. I've seen a noticeable improvement in my HBA1c levels since using AiDEX. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to take control of their diabetes.

- Mark, 50, Type 2 Diabetic

Frequently asked Questions

  • For whom is the AiDEX CGMS indicated?

    The AiDEXTM CGMS is indicated for use in people (aged 14 and older) with diabetes.

  • How should I go through airport security with AiDEX CGMS?

    The system can be exposed to common electrostatic (ESD) and electromagnetic interference (EMI), including airport metal detectors. You can safely use your system at all times while on an aircraft. Some airport full-body scanners include x-ray or millimeter radio-wave, which you cannot expose your system to. The effect of these scanners has not been evaluated and the exposure may damage the system or cause inaccurate results.

  • Can I use AiDEX CGMS during an MRI, CT scan, or diathermy treatment?

    Don’t wear or use any AiDEXTM CGMS components (sensor, transmitter, PDA, and/or PDA/ smart device) for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) scan, or high-frequency electrical heat (diathermy) treatments. AiDEXTM CGMS hasn’t been tested in those situations. The magnetic fields and heat could damage its components, which may cause it to display inaccurate AiDEXTM CGMS sensor glucose readings or may prevent alerts.

  • Does the AiDEX CGMS require/ accept calibrations?

    The option to enter calibrations was included to allow a user to manually calibrate the system. The system is designed to work properly without calibrations. Calibrating your AiDEXTM CGMS with your meter is never required. It can make the AiDEXTM CGMS more accurate or less accurate compared to the lab result, but it should bring the AiDEXTM CGMS readings closer to the meter values.

  • How big is the AiDEX CGMS sensor?

    The sensor and transmitter together is 36x22x8mm, The overall weight is less than 5.5g.

  • How does the AiDEX CGMS work?

    AiDEXTM CGMS tracks glucose levels throughout the day. When used, the tiny sensor is inserted just underneath a your skin through the applicator. An adhesive patch holds the sensor on your skin, then sensor can measure glucose readings in interstitial fluid throughout 14 days. Transmitter connects to a sensor, and collects signals and sends all data to a receiver (PDA/APP).

  • Where is the sensor data stored?

    When your PDA/ smart device and transmitter are within the communication range, all the sensor data are stored in the PDA/ smart device. When the PDA/ smart device and transmitter are not within the communication range, all the sensor data are stored in the transmitter and will be sent to the PDA or mobile application after connection is restored. No sensor data will be lost.

  • Are AiDEX CGMS waterproof?

    The AiDEXTMM CGMS is IPX7 when the transmitter is installed properly together with sensor. The PDA is not water resistant, and can be damaged if moisture gets inside it. Water can also severely limit communication range with the AiDEXTM CGMS, so you never want to prevent communication between the transmitter and PDA.

  • When the AiDEX CGMS need calibrations?

    To determine what to do, watch your AiDEXTM CGMS readings over several hours. If the readings are always higher (or always lower) than your meter values, consider calibrating. Also consider calibrating if your AiDEX CGMS and meter numbers don’t match and your expectations or symptoms fit the meter value, not the AiDEX CGMS reading.

  • Can users bathe, shower, swim or exercise while wearing a AiDEX CGMS?

    Yes, the AiDEXTM CGMS (transmitter is installed properly together with sensor) is water resistant and will continue working as long as it is not submerged more than 3 feet or kept underwater longer than 30 minutes at a time.