A box of Surgilem Circumcision Pants for post-circumcision care and healing, manufactured by beehive2u.
A box of Surgilem Circumcision Pants by beehive2u.
A red box with a picture of Surgilem Circumcision Pants by beehive2u.
A pair of Surgilem Circumcision Pants designed for post circumcision care and healing, with a football motif by beehive2u.
A group of Surgilem Circumcision Pants designed by beehive2u for post circumcision care to aid in healing, featuring a discreet ball insert.
A close up of the beehive2u Surgilem Circumcision Pants, highlighting its role in healing and post circumcision care.
A football in Surgilem Circumcision Pants, used for post circumcision care. (Brand Name: beehive2u)
A Surgilem Circumcision Pants in blue with a black oval, perfect for post circumcision care from beehive2u.

Surgilem Circumcision Pants

Discover Comfort, Embrace Healing

Post circumcision care will speed healing and prevent post circumcisions. One of the best ways is to use circumcision pants. With special form and tested design, SurgiLem Circumcision Pants protects the testes from outside and creates space for air circulation. It is comfortable to wear and easy to clean.


XS waist-20.5cm
S waist-22.5cm
M waist-24.5cm
L waist-26.5cm
XL waist-28.5cm
XXL waist-30.5cm
XXXL waist-32.5cm

RM25.00 RM20.00

Innovative Design, Natural Healing

The Half-Oval Marvel:At the heart of our pants lies the hard sponge with a half-oval design. This ingenious creation offers a sanctuary for the organ against external disruption, while ensuring there’s no friction, only freedom.

Breath of Fresh Air:The perforated cup protector invites a natural circulation of air, maintaining a cool and conducive environment for healing.

Ease of Maintenance:With simplicity at its core, SurgiLem Circumcision Pants are a breeze to clean. Before donning the pants, a gentle hand or machine wash on a gentle cycle is all that’s needed.

The SurgiLem Promise

No more do you have to cringe with the fear of textile sticking or wound tearing. No more do you have to fret over external influences or inflammation. With SurgiLem Circumcision Pants, you step into a realm where healing is nurtured, comfort is natural, and protection is assured.

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SurgiLem Circumcision Pants provide a robust shield to the wound post-circumcision, minimizing external disruptions.



Designed for both children and adults, these pants promise a comfortable fit, making the recovery journey less cumbersome.


Healing Acceleration

With a design that promotes air circulation and reduces inflammation, healing is accelerated.

Embrace the comfort, the protection, and the accelerated healing that comes with SurgiLem Circumcision Pants. Your journey towards recovery, just got a comforting companion.

Join the multitude

who have chosen comfort and speedy recovery. Step into a pair of SurgiLem Circumcision Pants and feel the difference. It's not just about healing; it’s about healing with ease, comfort, and assurance. Your well-being is our priority. Your satisfaction, our reward.

For further exploration into the diligent craft behind SurgiLem Circumcision Pants, or to make your purchase, navigate through our website. Your path to comfortable healing is but a click away.

How it works

Half-Oval Design for Protection. The hard sponge with half-oval shape gives protection to the organ from outside disruption and space to avoid friction. It is easy to clean. The holes in sponge are made to allow air circulation to keep coolness.

Before using the underpants, we recommend you wash either by hand or in the gentle cycle in the washing machine.

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Optimum protection after circumcision


Pants for children and adults.


Protects the wound after circumcision.


Promotes the healing process.


No more sticking to textiles or tearing of the wound.


Reduce risk of external influences on the wound.


Reduce inflammation risk.


Natural circulation of air through perforated cup protector.

What Customers Have to Say

Post-circumcision care for my little one was a breeze with SurgiLem. The air circulation feature really helped to keep the wound dry and reduced the risk of infection. It's incredible how something so simple could make such a big difference in his healing process. Alhamdulillah for SurgiLem!

- Nurul Huda, Selangor

I was initially skeptical about how effective these pants would be for my recovery. However, the ease and comfort they provided post-surgery were beyond my expectations. The SurgiLem Pants fit discreetly under my clothing and allowed me to continue with daily life without interruption. A highly recommended product for anyone going through the same journey.

- Ismail Bin Harun, Penang

My husband's postoperative period after his circumcision was made significantly more comfortable with SurgiLem Circumcision Pants. The design ensured the wound was protected, and the cleaning process was so straightforward. It's a product that truly understands the needs of its users. A heartfelt thank you from our family!

- Farah Aminah, Johor Bahru

After my son's circumcision, the worry of proper care was always at the back of my mind. SurgiLem Pants were a game-changer. They provided him with such comfort and protection that he was up and about much sooner than expected. The pants were a blessing during his recovery, and for that, we are truly grateful.

- Ahmad Zaki, Kuala Lumpur

Frequently asked Questions

  • How do I know which size fits me?

    A size chart is provided at the end of the product image gallery.

  • How do I clean and maintain my Surgilem Circumcision Pants?

    We recommend you wash by washing by hand or in the gentle cycle in the washing machine.

  • What materials and fabrics do you use?

    The pants material made of cotton fabric, the cup with half-oval shape made of foam while the waist is made of rubber.

  • What are the use of the Half-Oval Design?

    The holes are made to create the air circulation and to keep coolness. It is also made to avoid friction to the wound after surgery.

  • Are these pants suitable for both children and adults?

    Yes, the pants are suitable for both children and adults. We have variety range of size from XS to XXXL.

  • Can SurgiLem Circumcision Pants be worn during sleep?

    Yes, it can be worn during sleep to avoid friction.

  • How do I order SurgiLem Circumcision Pants and what is the delivery timeframe?

    Once your order has been confirmed, it is prepared and shipped within 2 working days.

  • Is it possible to select the colour of the SurgiLem Circumcision Pants when making a purchase?

    The colour option for circumcision pants is not available, they are shipped randomly.